Film: Amleto - Da Shakespeare a Laforgue by Carmelo Bene - Hamlet in ITALIAN

Amleto - Da Shakespeare a Laforgue 
by Carmelo Bene

What a wonderful find! Our visitor Diego sent these links for an avant garde 1974 Italian television production of Hamlet! I only wish it had subtitles, but if you are familiar with Hamlet, you will recognize the action even if you don't understand all the dialogue.


Amleto (Hamlet in Italian):
700MB, no password

And this is the link for "Riccardo III" (this one is a very small .wmv file found years ago in the Italian TV archive web site):

Two pages about Carmelo Bene:

"His Hamlet was more inspired by the French surrealist poet Jules Laforgue than by Shakespeare, and he was to do five different versions of it on stage, plus a film feature in 1973, Un Amleto di Meno (One Hamlet Less), and a definitively ironical version in 1987, which he called Hommelette For Hamlet." (J.F.Lane, The Guardian)

All the wonderful links above are from Diego - Thank you!
Molto bene! Gracias, Diego!

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