eBook - Voices Of Shakespeare's England, Edited by John A. Wagner

Voices Of Shakespeare's England, 
Contemporary Accounts Of Elizabethan Daily Life
Edited by John A. Wagner

This valuable volume comprises excerpts from and analysis of 51 documents–from letters and diaries to public records and polemics–providing a detailed look into the era. The well-written introduction discusses economic, social, religious, political, and literary life, and a section on “Evaluating and Interpreting Primary Documents.” Each selection is then presented within its historical context, defining important vocabulary and offering questions, discussion topics, activities, and references to focus exploration. The document topics range from pamphlets describing the Elizabethan criminal underworld to educational philosophies and from accounts of contemporary performances of Macbeth to critiques of Elizabethan playgoers' habits, encouraging readers to digest and evaluate the ideas that spawned and nurtured the golden age of theater.

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