Biographical Drama: Will Shakespeare, Mini-Series Starring Tim Curry, 1978

Will Shakespeare
Complete Series (1978)

Language: English
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Genre: TV Show | Drama

Although there have been countless adaptations of his plays, dramatizations of the life of William Shakespeare himself have been much rarer - not least because of the lack of concrete information about him. The most ambitious biographical portrait to date is this six-part television series by John Mortimer.

Complete Series: 6 Episodes -VHS Rip



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I've not had a chance to watch this yet, and it has mixed reviews on IMDB, so if anyone here watches it, please post a review in the comments.
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Daniel Jackson said...

I quite enjoyed the series. It is a bit like "Shakespeare in Love" -in the sense that it tries to find a link between some (hypothetical and not so) events in Shakespeare's life and his works-, although this one is more serious and you do need some previous shakespereasn knowledge to appreciate the different chapters. But, all in all, worth watching!

Brilliant blog, by the way :)

The Blogger said...

Thanks for the review, Daniel!

Bard said...

Recently saw the series and enjoyed it tremendously. Tim Curry, post-Rocky Horror, shows a versatile and ingratiating talent. The rest of the cast are excellent too -- Queen Bess is not Glenda Jackson, but she's very effective, and the Lord Chamberlain's Men are for the most part good.
Costumes and sets are detailed, attractive, and convincingly of the period.
Mortimer has perforce invented many of the plot points, but the overall dramatic arc is persuasive. It sometimes relies on old chestnuts, such as the horse-holding younger days and the uncomfortable marriage with Anne, but it's very good at suggesting that the sonnets were Shakespeare's bid for his own immortality, and hardly concerned with Southampton at all (though his friendship with the Earl is a continuing leitmotif).
If reasonably well-informed viewers will overlook the obvious howlers (Augustine Phillips tortured to death over the Essex debacle, par ex) they can enjoy an entertaining six episodes, not least from teasing out details that were used years later for Shakespeare in Love!