eBook: Macbeth - Manga Edition

Macbeth - Manga Edition
By Adam Sexton, Eve Grandt, and Candice Chow
 27.6 MB,  pdf

Full of murderous action, Macbeth is ideal for manga.

Witches, ghosts, murders, battles, blood-if ever a Shakespeare play cried out for a manga version, Macbeth is it! The play regularly sells over 25,000 copies a year, and now manga fans can get caught up in the action as the Bard explores the social forces at work when men act against their better nature and the natural order of things.

Witches and prophesies. Fate and fortune. Murders and atrocities. Insomnia and insanity. Unchecked aspirations and even decapitation. Power-crazed and convinced of his own invincibility, Macbeth, the Scottish war hero, turns into a serial killer, annihilating anybody who gets in his way.

This fast-paced manga edition gets you quickly engrossed in Macbeth's blood-soaked path to power and Shakespeare's timeless themes.

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