Music: Uri Caine Ensemble - The Othello Syndrome (2008) (Experimental Jazz)

Uri Caine Ensemble - The Othello Syndrome (2008)
1 CD | Mp3 320 mbps | 174 Mb | Winter & Winter

Addressing the output of classical composers seems eventually to have become the dominant thrust of keyboardist Uri Caine's work. Schumann, Wagner, Bach, Beethoven and Mahler have fallen to sometimes radical re-posturing of their grand scores. Caine messes with the old assumed interpretations, deliberately distorting the usual expectations of performance by inserting elements of jazz, rock, funk, soul, blues, hip hop and electronica, always utilizing a cast of players from a broad range of backgrounds.

Now, it's a Verdi mash-up. Othello is similarly dissected, analyzed, reshuffled and responded to, making an opera that could possibly possess appeal among the united front of opera-loathers. The expected schizophrenic changes ensue, quite like a lyrically marshmallowed John Zorn. Or like a house-trained Frank Zappa. Or even like a Hal Willner project from Beyondsville. This work debuted at the 2003 Venice Biennale and was mostly recorded two years later, aside from the odd overdubbed drop-in.

Caine seeks grandiloquent melodrama one moment, komic kapering vaudeville the next. He preserves the pomp, but also sets off the pearl necklace detonators at the soiree. His vocalists arrive from diverse zones: Bunny Sigler (Philly soul on the Met stage), Dhafer Youssef (taking Moorish flight), Sadiq Bey (rap-poetic toughness), Josefine Lindstrand (ethereal balladry), Marco Paolini (Italian theatricality) and Julie Patton (cooled narration). Musicians include Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Zach Danziger (drums), Joyce Hammann (violin), Nguyen Le (guitar), Tim Lefebvre (bass), Stefano Bassanese and Bruno Fabrizio Sorba (electronics), although several more are on-hand for guest appearances. --All About Jazz

Uri Caine - Piano, keyboards
Ralph Alessi - Trumpet
Achille Succi - Clarinet
Chris Speed - Clarinet (9, 13)
Nguyên Lê - Guitar
Zach Danziger - Drums
Joyce Hammann - Violin
Jim Black - Drums (9, 13)
Tim Lefebvre - Bass and electric bass
John Hebert - Bass (9, 13)
Stefano Bassanese - Electronics
Brundo Fabrizio Sorba - Electronics
Bunny Sigler - Voice (1, 4, 7, 10, 15)
Dhafer Youssef - Voice (1, 14)
Josefine Lindstrand - Voice (4, 9, 13)
Marco Paolini - Voice (6, 8)
Julie Patton - Voice (4, 14)
Sadiq Bey - Voice (6, 12, 14)

1. Othello's Victory
2. Fire Song
3. Drinking Song
4. Love Duet with Othello and Desdemona
5. Introduction to Act II
6. Iago's Credo
7. She's the only one I love
8. Iago's Web
9. Desdemona's Lament
10. Am I a Fool?;
11. The Lion of Venice;
12. Othello's Confession;
13. The Willow Song/Ave Maria;
14. Murder;
15. The Death of Othello.


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