eBook: Shakespeare on the Double! A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare on the Double! 
A Midsummer Night's Dream
End your struggle with the Bard’s prose and appreciate his comedy about the trials and tribulations of love. Shakespeare on the Double! A Midsummer Night’s Dream includes an easy-to-understand modern English translation alongside the original Shakespearian text so that you can read only the translation, read the translation with the original text, or tackle the original text, referring only to the translation when you’re stumped. A comprehensive character list describes the traits of each major character, a visual map depicts relationships, and review questions reinforce important information so you won’t miss the action.

In this light-hearted comedy, some characters are heavy-hearted due to love's trials and tribulations. An elopement, a betrayal, narrowly averted fights, powerful love potions, and mischievous fairies contribute to the chaos, and much of the action takes place in a magical forest. With this modern, easy-to-understand translation, you won't lose any sleep struggling to decipher A Midsummer Night's Dream. Special aids make following the action and grasping the meaning a snap:

A brief synopsis of the plot and action
A comprehensive character list that describes the characteristics, motivations, and actions of each major player
A visual character map that shows the relationships of major characters
A cycle-of-love graphic that helps you follow who loves whom
Reflective questions that help you understand the themes of the play

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