Audio: John Gielgud - Ages Of Man (1966)

John Gielgud - Ages Of Man

Sir John Gielgud performing soliloquies and sonnets from Shakespeare.

Online review:
No one, but no one, could recite Shakespearean verse with greater taste, verve, intelligibility, and sheer beauty than Sir John Gielgud. [This is the] original Columbia Masterworks LP of the 1960s; OP for years. It's a specially produced condensation of Gielgud's late-'50s/early-'60s recital tour: There is no narration beyond the performer's own brief introductions and no musical interludes--and none is needed, since Sir John's voice was one of the twentieth century's most remarkable musical instruments. His recitation of the Bard's gems (including soliloquies from "Richard II," "Hamlet," and some sonnets) are crystalline: if you fear being unable to follow the verse, Gielgud will soothe and occasionally ratchet you into understanding. An indispensable addition to any Shakespearean collection or library of spoken poetry. 
This LP is a condensed version that is also available on DVD, info here. Per visitor request, if anyone has links for the video version, please post them in the comments - I'd love to see it too.

MP3, LP rip, 320kbps, runs 44 minutes, 101MB

Found at this super-terrific blog, thanks Tardy Music for sharing!


waitoreke said...


As a show of gratitude, I could send links for the Lincoln Center's 1998 production of Twelfth Night, with Helen Hunt, Kyra Sedgewick, Paul Rudd, Brian Murray, Amy Hill, David Kelly, and Max Wright. However, I'd prefer to send to an email account.

The Blogger said...

You are welcome. I listened to this yesterday and Sir G is fantastic; reminds me I have an audio of Gielgud's Hamlet that I don't think I've posted yet and will do so soon. I'd love to post the Twelfth Night links, however I think it's good policy to not post an e-mail address. I turned on anonymous comments for a few days if you'd like to put the links here - I won't keep anonymous on forever, though, because I get enough offers for porn, cheap Viagra, and introductions to Russian girls who want to meet me as is. :D

Hope you keep enjoying Brush Up Your Shakespeare.