Ebook: DK Eyewitness Guide: Shakespeare

DK Eyewitness Guide: Shakespeare
A look at a variety of topics pertaining to Elizabethan society in general and to Shakespeare's life in particular. Each spread sports a short introduction accompanied by numerous captioned photos and reproductions of places, people, and objects. Text and illustrations combine to enable readers to acquire a quick understanding of many interesting details that might be either overlooked or lost in a more standard prose text. For example, there are close-up photos of beautifully embroidered gloves and intricate carvings on a child's chair, items owned by wealthy Elizabethans. In addition, there is information that is sure to appeal to readers who might mistakenly regard Elizabethans as "stuffy," such as the fact that they "kicked footballs made from inflated pigs' bladders" or that "coneycatchers" (gamblers who cheated) were commonplace. The text and illustrations are superb, and the thorough index makes the material readily accessible.
Be an eyewitness to one of the world's greatest ever playwrights – from his Elizabethan world and the stories that inspired him to boy actors playing women and dramatic special effects.

See what the interior of the Globe Theatre looked like.

Find out how the music used in plays was like today's film themes.

Discover what Shakespeare did when the theatres were closed due to the plague.

Shakespeare is one of the titles in this classic series that combines visual brilliance with informative text to provide everything one needs for projects, reference or just plain old discovery.

Download: https://rapidshare.com/files/2447333263/SHK-DKGUIDE.rar

I have this book in hardcover, and highly recommend it!

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