Film: Othello, 2001, Eamonn Walker

Othello, 2001, Eamonn Walker

This modern crime drama uses the names of the homonymous Shakespeare play's main characters which inspired its plot. White London Metropolitan Police commissioner Sinclair Carver promises to maintain law and order and further racial integration by recruiting and promoting black and Asian officers, but is taped in the lavatory by a tabloid reporter telling his assistant commissioner Ben Jago there is no black with a brain as big as his dick, and is thus forced to resign. When the death of the black Billy Coates in custody causes racial unrest, John Othello, the only authoritative black police officer, manages to prevent riots by pointing to the press and promising to solve the case; the government names him successor to Carver over his friend Jago's head. The ambitious Ben doesn't show his furious disappointment, but must have his revenge. His plots starts by making sure racists harass Othello's white wife Desdemona, so he can have her 'well guarded' by smooth white superintendent Michael Cass, and then makes John believe he's a bit too friendly with her. Meanwhile he makes sure the Coates investigation ends in an innocent young cop's suicide and a mistrial. Now he plants false DNA proof of Dessie's infidelity - will Othello, who believes his world is crashing down, actually bring it on himself in despair?


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