It's done!

All the posts are checked/updated, with working links as of 28 January.

Note: I found links to a better rip of Waste Of Shame - the previous one had some audio problems.

If there is anything on this blog you've been waiting for, grab it now, as links do not last forever. If there is anything you'd like to request, please post your request in THIS post's comments section, ASAP; I have been getting hundreds of spam comments for Viagra, porn, etc. so I will be turning off comments all-together in a couple of weeks.

I have a lot more links I've run across just in the last few days searching for fresh links for what is already posted, and I plan to post some new stuff within the next few days, but I am going to update to a better template first, so the blog may look a bit wonky as I try out new templates, but I'll get it sorted out.


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