eBook: The Shakespeare Name Dictionary

 J. Madison Davis, A. Daniel Frankforter “The Shakespeare Name Dictionary"
Routledge | 2004-03-18 | ISBN: 0415971144 | 552 pages | PDF | 4,93 MB

The authors cover everything: characters (Touchstone, the clown in As You Like It), places (Tours, the French city mentioned in Henry VI), animals (Tray, one of King Lear's three dogs), buildings (the Tower of London), officials (Roman Tribunes), rivers (the Trent), nationals ("Transylvanian"), nicknames (Monsieur Traveller, applied to Jaques in As You Like It), astrological groupings (Trigon, an astrological group of three signs), and much more.

The Shakespeare Name Dictionary identifies them all in full, readable entries. The authors' coverage includes such information as the historical errors in Shakespeare's plays, as well as variant interpretations of names. Line references in the plays are keyed to the Oxford Shakespeare. With fuller coverage than anything currently available, The Shakespeare Name Dictionary-available in paperback for the first time--is the ultimate guide to the plays.


Thanks to the fine folks at avaxhome for this excellent reference.

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