Audio Courses: 3 College Level Courses

These are excellent audio college-level  courses. Each includes a PDF guidebook.
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Course I

Shakespeare and the Varieties of Human Experience
Dennis Huston and Peter Saccio

01-08 - The Taming of the Shrew: The Actor as Hero
02-08 - Measure For Measure: Sexual Desire and Civil Authority
03-08 - Richard III: The Actor as Villain
04-08 - Macbeth and Imaginative Villainy
05-08 - Romeo and Juliet: Explosive Contraries
06-08 - Troilus and Cressida: Exploded Myths
07-08 - Othello: Love and Chaos
08-08 - Julius Caesar: The Roman History


Course II

Shakespeares Tragedies
Clare Kinney


1. Defining Tragedy
2. Shakespearean Tragedy in Context
3. Hamlet I—"Stand and unfold yourself"
4. Hamlet II—The Performance of Revenge
5. Hamlet III—Difficult Women
6. Hamlet IV—Uncontainable Hamlet
7. Othello I—Miscegenation and Mixed Messages
8. Othello II—Monstrous Births
9. Othello III—"Ocular Proof"
10. Othello IV—Tragic Knowledge
11. King Lear I—Kingship and Kinship
12. King Lear II—"Unaccommodated Man"
13. King Lear III—The Stage of Fools
14. King Lear IV—"Is this the promised end?"
15. Macbeth I—Desire and Equivocation
16. Macbeth II—"Dispute it like a man"
17. Macbeth III—Bloody Babes and Bloody Ends
18. Antony and Cleopatra I—Epic Desires
19. Antony and Cleopatra II—Identity Politics
20. Antony and Cleopatra III—The Art of Dying
21. Coriolanus I—The Loner and the Mob
22. Coriolanus II—The Theater of Politics
23. Coriolanus III—Mothers and Killers
24. Conclusion—Beyond Tragedy?


Course III

Comedies, Histories, Tragedies
Peter Saccio


01 Shakespeare Then and Now   
02 The Nature of Shakespeare’s Plays   
03 Twelfth Night: Shakespearean Comedy   
04 Twelfth Night: Malvolio in Love   
05 The Taming of the Shrew: Getting Married in the 1590s   
06 The Taming of the Shrew: Kate Plays the Game   
07 The Merchant of Venice: Courting the Heiress   
08 The Merchant of Venice: Shylock   
09 Measure for Measure: Sex in Society   
10 Measure for Measure: Justice and Comedy   
11 Richard III: Shakespearean History   
12 Richard III: The Villain’s Career   
13 Richard II: The Theory of Kingship   
14 Richard II: The Fall of the King   
15 Henry IV: All the King’s Men   
16 Henry IV: The Life of Falstaff   
17 Henry V: The Death of Falstaff   
18 Henry V: The King Victorious   
19 Romeo and Juliet: Shakespearean Tragedy   
20 Romeo and Juliet: Public Violence and    Private Bliss   
21 Troilus and Cressida: Ancient Epic in a New Mode                               
22 Troilus and Cressida: Heroic Aspirations   
23 Julius Caesar: The Matter of Rome   
24 Julius Caesar: Heroes of History   
25 Hamlet: The Abundance of the Play   
26 Hamlet: The Causes of Tragedy
27 Hamlet: The Protestant Hero   
28 Othello: The Design of the Tragedy   
29 Othello: “0 Villainy!”   
30 Othello: “The Noble Moor”   
31 King Lear: “This Is the Worst   
32 King Lear: Wisdom through Suffering   
33 King Lear: ~Then We Go On   
34 Macbeth: “Fair Is Foul    
35 Macbeth: Musing on Murder   
36 Macbeth: “Enter Two Murderers   

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These are excellent audio college-level  courses. Each includes a PDF guidebook.
These links were found at Avaxhome and
Thank you to Avaxhome and for these links.