eBook: The Anxiety of Influence; A Theory Of Poetry by Harrold Bloom

The Anxiety of Influence - A Theory Of Poetry
by Harold Bloom

2nd Edition

"The most significant work that the gifted scholar-critic, Harold
Bloom, has yet written." Commonwealth
Harold Bloom's The Anxiety of Influence has cast its long shadow of
influence since it. was first published in 1973. Through an insightful
study of Romantic poets, Bloom puts forth his central vision of the
relations between precursor's and the individual artist. His arguments
that all literary texts are a strong misreading of those that precede
them had an enormous impact on the practice of criticism and post-structuralist
literary theory. The book remains a central work of criticism
for all students of literature.

Written in a moving personal style, anchored by concrete examples,
and memorable quotations, this second edition of Bloom's classic work
maintains that the anxiety of influence can not be evadcd
by either by poets nor by responsible readers and critics. A
new introduction, centering upon Shakespeare and Matlowe,
explains the genesis of Bloom's thinking, and the subsequent influence
of the book on literary criticism of the past quarter of a century.

The Anxiety of Influence, Second Edition provides a new generation
of scholars, students, and layreaders a welcome addition to the Bloom

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