Audio: The Reduced Shakespeare Company Radio Show - 3 Volumes

The Reduced Shakespeare Company Radio Show

The RSC Radio Show was a 6 part (half hour each) radio show commissioned and aired by the BBC in England.

Volume 1: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet
Volume 2: The Histories and The Tragedies
Volume 3: The Comedies and Shakespeare's Little Known Trip to America

The Reduced Shakespeare Company was born in 1981 when three young men who misspent their youth watching cartoons began performing half-hour versions of "Hamlet" in the streets of San Francisco. In a style that equals parts Marx Brothers and Three Stooges, the trio delivers (in their abridged entirety) "Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Histories, The Tragedies, The Comedies" and a special bonus, "Shakespeare's Little Known Trip to America".

Did Romeo and Juliet have premarital sex? Did Hamlet have an edible complex (as documented by numerous food references in the play)? The Reduced Shakespeare Company asks this and more. This tape, originally produced for the BBC, will find a devoted audience among PDQ Bach fans. Despite all the bells and whistles, three American actors have an uncanny knack for picking out the crucial words in each play. Favourite Shakespeare, partially reliant on a poll conducted by Classic FM magazine, is extremely well abridged. The editors contend that the best way to understand Shakespeare is through his people. Beginning with the seven ages of man, these tapes do the delicate job of uniting the bard's men and women into one tragicomic whole. Six actors and actresses read from the plays, while interspersed sonnets offer more personal views of the writer's thoughts and theories. These are well narrated, with extremely cogent commentary by John Brunning. Neither of these tapes should be allowed near an academic library, but both will hopefully find homes in public, if antipodal, audio collections. -Rochelle Ratner, formerly with "Soho Weekly News," New York

All 3 volumes complete in 1 rar file:

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