Music: Shakespeare In Love (1998), Stephen Warbeck

Shakespeare In Love
1998 soundtrack, Stephen Warbeck

An excellent accompaniment to the movie: joyous, lyrical, sweeping, with a nice balance of theme music and incidental music. Stephen Warbeck's score for "Shakespeare in Love" swept me along with the same vibrant energy as the movie: throbbing cellos, dancing piccolos, violins by turns weeping and soaring. Bravo!
1.The Beginning Of The Partnership (2:01)
2.Viola's Audition (3:22)
3.A Plague On Both Your Houses (1:40)
4.The De Lessep's Dance (2:59)
5.A Daughter's Duty (0:47)
6.In Viola's Room (2:54)
7.A New World (1:40)
8.Love And The Rehersal (4:18)
9.The Arrival Of Wessex (1:17)
10.Greenwich (0:52)
11.The Brawl (3:13)
12.News Of Marlowe's Death (2:53)
13.Love And The End Of The Tragedy (2:12)
14.The Missing Scene (1:43)
15.The Fight (2:21)
16.The Play And The Marriage (2:10)
17.Wessex Loses A Bride (1:51)
18.The Prologue (1:30)
19.The Play (Part 1) (2:25)
20.The Play (Part 2) (3:56)
21.Curtain Call (2:32)
22.Farewell (1:30)
23.The End (5:05)


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