Music: Twelfth Night (1996) -Soundtrack

Here is Shaun Davey's soundtrack for Twelfth Night. I found this link at Vinnie Rattolle's Records, an excellent soundtrack blog (go visit him!), here is his description:
If music be the food of love, play on...

On the twelfth night of Christmas, my true love gave to me... a soundtrack that's practically impossible to find! A friend has been searching for the soundtrack for the 1996 version of William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night: Or What You Will," but the album received a limited pressing, it's long out of print and sells for astronomical prices. I didn't think I was gonna find it -- until I stumbled into a site where Lareinenoire quite graciously uploaded it for me. Far be it from me to sit on something that's so rare. So Chadrenne, merry Christmas, and Lareinenoire, thanks again!

The score is by Shaun Davey and star Ben Kingsley sings on more than a handful of tracks. I'm usually not a big fan of Shakespeare (with the exception of the demented "Theatre of Blood"... and "Strange Brew!"), but after hearing this, I think I need to see the movie!
01. I'll Tell Thee a Tale - Ben Kingsley
02. Shipwrecked / Illyria
03. Orsino's Horsemen / The Disguise
04. The Rose Window / The Food of Love
05. Cesario's First Walk / Malvolio's Inspection
06. Sir Andrew's Dance / O Mistress Mine - Rita Connolly, Valerie Armstrong, Peter Beamish
07. Take Away the Fool
08. Farewell Her Cruelty / Cesario's Charm
09. O Mistress Mine - Ben Kingsley & Imelda Staunton
10. Lonely Night / Malvolio's Fantasy / Sponge
11. Cesario's Second Journey
12. Come Away Death / Prelude to Act Three - Ben Kingsley
13. Antonio's Chase
14. Malvolio Rampant
15. The Reluctant Duelists
16. A Witchcraft
17. I Am Gone, Sir - Ben Kingsley
18. The Twins' Reunion
19. The Wind and the Rain - Ben Kingsley

MP3, 192kbps

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