Film: Gamlet / Hamlet (1964) -The Russian Hamlet


In Russian with subtitles.
This is a great film, and highly recommended.

(DVD rip 1964)
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Russian | Subtitles: English, Spanish | Genre: Drama |


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Anonymous said...

thank u for this post...

Trystero said...

Thank you for all the Shakespeare in your blog!
I have an Hamlet to share. It is the 1974 italian TV production of "Amleto - Da Shakespeare a Laforgue" by Carmelo Bene, who put together Shakespeare and Jules Laforgue versions of Hamlet. I saw it also in theatre, as almost all the Carmelo Bene works from 1972 to his death.

He realized also very personal (someone said ourageous) versions of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", "Richard III" and "Othello".

Here are the links for Amleto:

And this is the link for "Riccardo III" (this one is a very small .wmv file I found years ago in the italian TV archive web site):

Two pages about Carmelo Bene:

"His Hamlet was more inspired by the French surrealist poet Jules Laforgue than by Shakespeare, and he was to do five different versions of it on stage, plus a film feature in 1973, Un Amleto di Meno (One Hamlet Less), and a definitively ironical version in 1987, which he called Hommelette For Hamlet." (J.F.Lane, The Guardian)