NEW LINKS - Audio: The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: 38 Fully-Dramatized Plays

The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: 38 Fully-Dramatized Plays -new links

by William Shakespeare
Produced by Tom Treadwell and Bill Shepherd of Arkangel Productions
Directed by Clive Brill
Features Full Cast Performances
Music composed by Dominique Le Gendre

The Complete Shakespeare for the 21st Century . This release is of major importance: for the first time all of Shakespeare's plays are available on CD in a single set, produced by a single creative team with an extraordinary cast, with the utmost attention to detail to guarantee a listening experience that's accessible and enjoyable.

Arkangel Productions brings together the best of academic and entertainment industry expertise. Tom Treadwell, a university professor who specialized in Elizabethan drama, and Bill Shepherd from the world of film and TV production, worked with Clive Brill, a former BBC director/producer, to make their vision a reality. Their goal was, simply, to produce Shakespeare for the 21st Century , the definitive, ultimate audio Shakespeare. This is it - they have achieved their goal.

The creative team designed a sophisticated layering of sound and music to provide a complete audio environment. Music was composed by Dominique Le Gendre, whose award-winning talents matched the art of the performers. All the plays were recorded at one of London?s leading studios. The Sound House.

"A rhapsody of words, assembled for the ear. This venture marries scholarship and accessibility on an unmatched scale. The real strength lies in the astonishing intimacy offered by a sound recording." -- The New York Times

The Cast: Performed by a distinguished cast of nearly 400 actors, including Eileen Atkins, Jennifer Ehle, Joseph Fiennes, Sir Adrian Lester, John Gielgud, Alan Howard, Jane Lapotaire, Amanda Root, David Tennant, Sophie Thompson, Samuel West, Timothy West and Ciaran Hinds. Key Roles: Hamlet - Simon Russell Beale; Romeo - Joseph Fiennes; Juliet - Maria Miles; Julius Caesar - Michael Feast; Mark Antony - Adrian Lester; Macbeth - Hugh Ross; King Lear - Trevor Pea~censored~; Antony - Ciaran Hinds; Cleopatra - Estelle Kohler; Propsero - Bob Peck; Bottom - Roy Hudd; Rosalind - Niamh Cusack; Gower in Pericles - Sir John Gielgud. Most of the actors have trained with The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Audio file format: mp3

Total size: 2,65 Gb (in 38 files, each file's size is less than 100 Mb)
Each archive is not a multivolume rar archive.
Each file is a separate independent archive, so you only need to download the play(s) you want.

01 - A Midsummer Nights Dream
02 - Alls Well That Ends Well
03 - Antony and Cleopatra
04 - As You Like It
05 - The Comedy of Errors
06 - Coriolanus
07 - Cymbeline
08 - Hamlet
09, 10 - Henry IV
11 - Henry V
12, 13, 14 - Henry VI
15 - Henry VIII
16 - Julius Caesar
17 - King John
18 - King Lear
19 - Love's Labor's Lost
20 - Macbeth
21 - Measure for Measure
22 - Merchant of Venice
23 - The Merry Wives of Winsor
24 - Much Ado About Nothing
25 - Othello
26 - Pericles
27 - Richard II
28 - Richard III
29 - Romeo and Juliet
30 - Taming of the Shrew
31 - Tempest
32 - Timon of Athens
33 - Titus Andronicus
34 - Troilus and Cressida
35 - Twelfth Night
36 - Two Gentlemen of Verona
37 - The Two Noble Kinsmen
38 - Winters Tale


Password for each archive:
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Note: I'll be posting each play separately as well, as Blogger allows only 200 characters for the blog Labels, and I think it's important especially for the lesser known plays to be indexed and searchable.


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Excellent Service. Thanks.

I have noticed one small problem so far:
in Henry VI Part Three, (
Act V Scene ii (CAS14 22-29 Shakespeare - Henry VI-3 D3-05.mp3) seems to be missing.

David B said...

Amendment to last comment sorry
CAS14 22-28 Shakespeare - Henry VI-3 D3-05.mp3
CAS14 22-28 Shakespeare - Henry VI-3 D3-06.mp3
are missing
Henry VI part Three

P.S Sorry if I have posted multiple times by mistake

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Thanks for reporting problems with the files. I will keep my eyes open for better rips, but at this point, I think all the links floating around the web are from the same source.

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