Film: Macbeth (2006) - Australian


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Genre : Drama/Thriller/Action | + ftp2share mirrors | Awards : 2 wins & 6 nominations

Director Geoffrey Wright takes Shakespeare's "Macbeth" from Scotland and transplants him into a dark city underworld Melbourne - a world of organised crime and urban mayhem. A moody drama/thriller that puts a contemporary spin on a classic tale.


Set in modern day Melbourne, the story begins when Macbeth (Sam Worthington), is rewarded with gifts from his crime boss Duncan (Gary Sweet) for serving him faithfully and performing bravely in a vicious gangland rip-off. But these gifts are nothing compared to what Duncan lavishes on his son Malcolm (Matt Doran). Macbeth wonders why he bothers to stick his neck out when Malcolm does nothing at all. Macbeth is then visited by seductively nubile young witches, dabblers in the art of the occult, who indicate that he shall be the new crime king. Macbeth is intrigued, but when Lady Macbeth (Victoria Hill) drops the hint that they might kill Duncan and take over the gang for themselves, he realizes he may simply be fulfilling his destiny.
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