John Barrymore as Hamlet

Welcome to Brush Up Your Shakespeare, a blog for indexing links to Shakespeare-related files. We'll be posting links to film, music, audio, e-texts, and anything else we run across that's related to The Bard.
None of the files here are hosted or uploaded by us. They can freely be found on the web, usually by Googling, and sometimes on warez/media sites. Since it's always easier to find download links for the latest action flick or pop album than for anything we are interested in, we started this blog to bring together Shakespeare links for other like-minded people to discover and enjoy.

If you find a link that is no longer working: please let us know by posting a message in the Comments, and we will attempt to find new links.

Have a request? If you're looking for something, let us know, and we'll have a look around the web.

Would you like to share something? If you have links to a file we don't already have here, please post them in the Comments - they will be much appreciated... the more obscure the better!

Note on Language: All the files here are in English unless clearly marked by us. We've run across links to some films that are dubbed in other languages (mainly Russian), and if we post the links to these films, they will be labeled.

If you have any questions about downloading, how to open, or play a file: remember Google is your friend.

THANK YOU To The Uploaders!



AnaJana said...

fabulous blog.

chance of re-uploading/refinding Hamlet and King Lear?

thanks so much!

Digital Shakespeare said...

Which versions are you looking for?

rignana said...

The Arkangel Audio Book links are beginning to die - er Romeo and Juliet

Any chance of a repost ?

Best Regards

Sesitos said...

Great Blog. Don't know if you're around anymore, but if you are, here's Kiss Me Kate (1953) film. (You know it, eh?)

Links follow. Unrar last file. Place all "split"/"part" files in one folder (e.g., the folder wrought by the unrar-ing) and join all such 8 parts w/ hjsplit.exe. Avi format video results (@ 715 Mb & 1h50m)


Share and enjoy! And thanks again.

Sesitos said...

Hi again.

Shakespeare's plays (pdf, from Archangel), and several Shakespeare-related ebooks (pdf) which I didn't see on your site. (Shakespeare Lexicon (Schmidt & Sarrain) Vol. 1 (bw), Shakespeare Lexicon (Schmidt & Sarrain) Vol. 2 (bw), Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Beaumont & Fletcher (S.T. Coleridge) (ed. 1874), The Oxford Companion To Shakespeare (2001))



Share and enjoy.

John Esche said...

Under your Link for George Bernard Shaw, it would be great if you could find an audio of SHAKES V. SHAV, one of Shaw's last plays and a loving tribute to the Bard commissioned for a puppet theatre company near his home. We did a reading of the short play (seemingly a riff on Aristophanes THE FROGS with a debate between the playwrites over which was superior - Shaw wittily concedes) at the end of a celebration of Shakespeare's 445th birthday at NJIT last year and it was a lot of fun.