Music: Romeo X Juliet - Soundtrack to the Anime Series (2008)

Romeo X Juliet
Soundtrack to the Anime Series

Surprisingly good!


The original soundtrack for Romeo x Juliet was released in February 2008. It contains Hitoshi Sakimoto's music score, as well as the opening and closing songs for the anime.

1.Opening from Tsugunai
2.Main Theme from Odine Sphere
3.Main Theme from Romeo X Juliet
4.Hako no niwa from Rakugaki Kingdom II
5.The Attic Library from Odin Sphere
6.Tragedy from Romeo X Juliet
7.Nocturne from Kirite
8.Sailing to the World from The Seventh Seal
9.Vigor from Romeo X Juliet
10.Nephilim from Xenosaga Episode I
11.Oath from Romeo X Juliet
12.The Fall of Darkness from Kirite
13.Dash from Romeo X Juliet
14.Circle of Eternity from Kirite
15.Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross

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