Music: East West Orchestra - Hamlet (2006)

East West Orchestra - Hamlet

Music from Bosnian director Haris Pašović's play Hamlet by William Shakespeare performed by East West Orchestra. Hamlet is situated on a Turkish court (instead of Danish). The music is oriental/ambiental, improvisations based on classic Turkish themes. The musicians from East West Orchestra are Dino Sukalo (guitar) and Amar Cesljar (percussions, vocal) from Sarajevo, Melih Berse (ney, vocal) from Istanbul and Attila Aksoy (bas, keyboard, and vocal) from Mostar.

01 - What Art Thou That Usurp'st This Time Of Night
02 - Age And Body Of Time
03 - She's Conjunctive To My Life
04 - Hamlet
05 - Mahur Kar
06 - Brother And Sister
07 - Fantasy Of Passion
08 - Rast Beste
09 - I Know My Course
10 - Remember Me
11 - They Go To The Graves Like Beds
12 - Mother Your Trespass, Not My Madness, Speaks
13 - The Rest Is Silence

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